TMG’s services are intended for an artist at any stage in their career.

Just starting out and need help with where to begin?

Already a successful artist but looking to expand?

You know organization is not your strong suit and want help getting things in order?

Whatever point you’re at, we can either create new systems together that function in ways that work specifically for you or reorganize what you already have to function more optimally.

NOTE: à la carte items from the packages can be requested and hourly packages are optional as well. Visit “Pricing” for more details and “Get a Quote” when you’re ready.


The Start Up Package

The Start Up package includes everything that you need to get your freelancing business up and running.

The Basic Business Plan

Services List & Pricing Structure

Quote Template

Invoice Template

Business Expenses Spreadsheet

License & Insurance Registration

How to Maintain a Budget


The Continuing Plan Package

The Continuing Plan contains many of the same services as The Start Up package to help you keep your momentum and maintain business organization. The ongoing services in this package include:

Maintaining a Budget



Pricing & Purchasing

Revolving To Do List

The Marketing Package

All the vital components to start marketing yourself as an artist to help get you and your creations out to your target market are contained in this package.


- Logo

- Business Cards

- Event Cards

- Digital Portfolio

Social Media Marketing Plan

Website Design

Google Listing

Advertising Photography


The Monthly Marketing Package

Continual monthly marketing services include:

Website Maintenance

Weekly Social Media Management

As needed photography for advertising of new work

à la Carte Services

Additional help is available for the following services as well.

Business Planning

Job Research

Resume Writing

Art Show/Event Planning

Etsy/Online Sales


Lesson Plan Creation


General Consulting