“The Management Guru” [TMG Creative Consulting] was officially incorporated in 2019, but owner Tara Garrigan has been utilizing her managerial, organizational, and artistic skills for a number of clients since 2010. Each client has their unique set of needs; requiring either ongoing service, one-time, or as the need arises. TMG has worked with clients to create items and give advice in whatever capacity suits them best. Below are a list of clients that have worked with Garrigan to help fulfill their business needs.


Current TMG Creative Clients

Impeller Studios: Beginning 2016

Whale Week, Inc.: Beginning 2018

Forsyth Metal Works: Beginning 2018

Starland Studios: Beginning 2019

Toole Sculpture Works: Beginning 2018

Stacie Jean Albano: Beginning 2019

Keeth Woodworking: Beginning 2015

Bad Witch Nails: Beginning 2019

Paws, Claws, & Critters Pet Care: Beginning 2019



JTVS Builders: 2017-2019

W Projects: 2017-2019

The Revival Society: 2018

Scribble Art Studio: 2011-2014

Sir Crazy Pants: 2011-2014

River Rat Studios: 2014-2016

Irene McCollam Ceramics: 2017

Brooklyn Studios: 2010